New partner church: St Victor Abbey in Marseilles

We are particularly pleased to have met Father Pierre Gérard with whom we have set up a partnership for St Victor Abbey.

Saint Victor is a church that counts a lot for Marseilles.

The Abbey displays a real originality and very ancient traditions:

  • With its wax candles green
  • And the procession of February 2, during which the Black Virgin, preserved in the crypts, is clothed in her green mantle and presented to the crowd; The Archbishop blessed her, celebrated mass and then went to the Navettes oven where he blessed these small biscuits in the shape of boats typical of Marseille.

Little by little, Wilum proposes new churches in which Internet users can light a candle.

There is actually a 2.0 church, with connected Priests openly focused on the 21st century, the technologies of our time and who know how to trust innovative external projects like Wilum.

Thanks to them, Wilum can achieve its two main objectives:

  • A service for believers
  • Funding for churches.


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