About Wilum

Together with places of worship all over the world, we make it possible for you to send out a special thought, have an actual candle lit or a prayer said in a place of contemplation of your choice.

So that someone or something really important to you will be represented in a place of peace at a very particular moment.
Send a prayer intention and light a candle in places of worship partners.
So that a special thought will last the time of a wish, a purpose or a memory.


Who we are (and who we are not) ?

Team Wilum

Wilum aims to connect people with places of worship from all over the world.

Our aim is to put you directly in contact with our partner places of worship so that you can send them a prayer text and request for a candle to be lit.

We are no religious authority. We simply offer internet users the possibility to contact places of worship that they cannot visit themselves but with which we have a partnership.

Wilum is only aimed at people who wish to have a prayer said for someone or something in an age-old catholic church in the depths of the Provence countryside, a Russian orthodox church, or cathedral in South America.

Wilum creates a new link between those who wish and those who know by offering a more flexible approach of praying. And, at the same time, we are helping places of worship to finance themselves.

How we work

We select places of worship that we think are an interesting choice and offer them to join our network. Likewise, we are also contacted by places of worship because they identify with our concept.

We conduct numerous verifications, in particular regarding the representative’s identity, his/her legitimacy, banking details for money transfers, etc.

We reserve the right to accept or refuse partnership to a place of worship. Our aim is not necessarily to have a huge number of places of worship, and we are particularly vigilant against any possible influences of religious sects. In case of partnership refusal, we do not communicate reasons for our decision.

However, refusal may be due to doubts about the representative’s legitimacy, his/hers original intentions, or due to suspicion of being a sect, lack of a particular interest in the place of worship (in our opinion), difficulties in examining certain elements or proofs or, quite simply, the fact that another similar place of worship located nearby is already part of our network.

In order to join our network, the place of worship’s representative signs an agreement with us: The representative commits himself/herself to execute the requested services (i.e. light or have the candle lit and to read or submit the prayer text); whereas we commit ourselves to transfer him/her the money for the services executed.

Payment terms: The place of worship informs us about the amount of money it wishes to receive for its services(to cover the costs for the candle, and for reading or submitting the prayer text ). We then order these services and offer them on our website with a surcharge of some euros (in order to pay the expenses for banking transactions, international bank transfers, listings, taxes, website development, extranet maintenance, order follow-ups, canvassing, verification, etc.). Then the French legal VAT rate will be added to the amount.

The distribution of the prize is given for each item, with complete transparency. The user knows the amount for the place of worship, the share allocated to the operation of the site and VAT.

We place a secured extranet access at the place of worship’s disposal. This extranet access enables the place of worship to be informed about the clients’ orders, print the prayer intention (possibly with photos), confirm execution and charge us for the service carried out.

Both parties are free to end partnership at any time.

It is the religious authority that is responsible for the execution of the service. We are responsible for the communication of information, the placing at disposal of the extranet, the running of secure online payments and the transfer of payments made to the places of worship.

Just as the internet user, our relationship to the places of worship is characterized by trust and confidence.

We will not communicate any prayer intention conveying a violent or sexual meaning, nor do we wish to harm anyone. This is not a website interested in witchcraft or sorcery…

We follow a fair and positive approach from which everybody benefits :

  • The requester has the possibility to have his prayer said in a place of worship that is meaningful to him/her but hardly accessible;
  • the place of worship receives financial means and fulfils its major mission : pray for those who believe.


We bring to the Place of worship a “turnkey” service. We take all the costs at our expense (IT development, online payments, provision of access to management extranet).

Wilum is for the Place of worship :

  • An additional service for its faithful.
  • A communication tool (the Place of worship enjoys the traffic on our site, mostly visited by surfers do not exactly filled with church as search and discover all places of worship partners).
  • A personal web space, equivalent to a website for the Place of worship. We integrate on our site photos of building and a history. The Place of worship can obviously present, if desired, its financing requirements (renovations, charities, shares to some associations, etc …)
  • We also provide each partner Place of worship a small poster to inform tourists passing the opportunity to light a candle later from home.

The “news” also allows you to advertise on our site events organized by places of worship partners.

  • A source of additional funding: the place of worship freely decides on the amount he wishes to collect for each religious article.
    We do not “negotiate” nor discuss these amounts. We just add a reasonable margin (clearly displayed on the site for each candle) in order to develop our site.