Frequently asked questions

Who lights the candle ?

We always indicate the person in charge of lighting the candle. Usually it is the person responsible for the Place of worship. This person may delegate, under his responsibility, to another person involved in the life of the Place of worship.

When will the candle be lit ?

This can be done the same day of the order, or take a few days.

It is precisely because the service is not virtual that a turnaround time may be necessary.

How can I be sure that the candle will be lit ?

When the Priest lights the candle, He confirms the execution in a secure service that we developed (reserved for places of worship) and sends a confirmation email to the user.

There nonetheless undeniably a small share of trust the person in charge of lighting the candle.

The partnership agreement signed between the Place of worship and us constitutes a guarantee of mutual trust.

How is the money distributed ?

We show the retail price for each item indicating the final distribution of the money : Place of worship / Operation Site + bank charges / VAT.

The most important part returns to the Place of worship.

The share for Wilum is necessary for us to support the banking commission including online payment (which sometimes reaches over 30% of the amount that is for us), operation, development, and exploration of new locations worship.

What privacy for my data ?

The information is for representatives of Places of worship only.

No information is passed to anyone outside the representative of the Place of worship.