PitchMyChurch2: congratulations, and thank you!

Wilum was represented by three of its founding members (Laurence, Sylvain and Olivier) in the Innovation Village for the second edition of the PitchMyChurch event held on February 3, 2017 at the Collège des Bernardins (Paris).

Beyond the absolutely fairytale place, the high quality of the organization and the motivation of the participants, we would like to welcome here the soundness of this initiative.

It is a real movement launched by the association Eglise & Innovation Numérique: the gathering of a new entrepreneurship for the Church, that of the start-up and the business of new technologies.

A momentum of creativity and pertinence that could ultimately imagine presenting with a single voice to the Church a “catalog” of powerful tools at the service of the Church, the believers and the Faith.

At the heart of PitchMyChurch, there is a key word: “meeting”.

Meeting people, ideas, companies, projects, Faith and energies.

What we would like for the future is a real synergy between us all. We can all help one another, and we will all be stronger.

And then it would be a pity to see the inventiveness and audacity of the participants of PitchMyChurch2 competed by copies.

We have imagined some examples of partnerships for Wilum (and it should be the same for each of the participants):

La Quête” offers churches a source of funding in the form of gifts, just as Wilum does by offering to light candles in the same churches.

The “Ephatta” community is present throughout the world (hosts and travelers). They could identify churches around the world and suggest that they contact Wilum. Similarly, Wilum could reveal the Ephatta accommodations close to its partner churches
Hozana.org and Wilum could carry out joint actions (for example, by offering to light candles by communities of prayers)
Wilum could relay and organize some events on “Bouge ton église“, which could reciprocally help to publicize Wilum
Credofunding” and Wilum could set up operations to support certain churches by lighting candles
Acolyte 2.0 could “sound” the partner sites and thus benefit from a communication relay.
Etc …

The association “5 Pains 2 Poissons” shows us the direction in defining its mission: “to regroup within the Catholic Church to work more efficiently, to pool resources and skills in order to benefit from quality services”.

Our projects are all complementary, coherent, and we are part of the same community.

So it would be nice to be together!


New partner church: St Victor Abbey in Marseilles

We are particularly pleased to have met Father Pierre Gérard with whom we have set up a partnership for St Victor Abbey.

Saint Victor is a church that counts a lot for Marseilles.

The Abbey displays a real originality and very ancient traditions:

  • With its wax candles green
  • And the procession of February 2, during which the Black Virgin, preserved in the crypts, is clothed in her green mantle and presented to the crowd; The Archbishop blessed her, celebrated mass and then went to the Navettes oven where he blessed these small biscuits in the shape of boats typical of Marseille.

Little by little, Wilum proposes new churches in which Internet users can light a candle.

There is actually a 2.0 church, with connected Priests openly focused on the 21st century, the technologies of our time and who know how to trust innovative external projects like Wilum.

Thanks to them, Wilum can achieve its two main objectives:

  • A service for believers
  • Funding for churches.


marseille abbaye saint victor vieux port wilum.net allumer cierge bougie light candle france abbey saint-victor

Funding for churches

The sale of candles is a significant source of funding for the churches.

Unfortunately, in recent years there has been a significant decline in the proceeds from these sales.

Wilum pursues two objectives:

  • To offer a useful service for believers
  • Participate in the funding of churches.

In particular, we give churches partners a poster that makes the partnership known to the faithful, as well as to tourists and occasional visitors.

Well positioned, it proves to be an excellent communication tool, generating new demands on our site, and reinforcing the modern and dynamic image of today’s church.

This is what we have experienced and verified with the Cathedral of the Major in Marseilles.



Abbey St Victor (Marseilles France) :


His Holiness Pope Francis encourages Wilum!

The Vatican, speaking at the request and on behalf of the Holy Father encourages the site Wilum! This is wonderful news!

Lettre Vatican Pape François Wilum

Translation :

From the Vatican, July 4, 2016
His Holiness Pope Francis has received your letter. He thanks you for the commitment and the confidence you have shown him.
The Holy Father is sensitive to your concern to serve the faith by means of Internet. He invites you to persevere courageously and offer your prayers for the Church and its successor ministry of Peter. Perhaps you could contact the Pontffical Council for Promoting the New Evangelization (00120 Vatican City). Pope Francis says you and all who are dear to you, to the protection of the Virgin Mary, and blessed you wholeheartedly.
Please accept, Sir, to my religious and devoted sentiments.
Archbishop Paolo Borgia

New Feature : pray especially a Saint

It is now possible to choose a Place of worship of the Holy according to which it is specially dedicated.

For example, for a prayer to Saint Mary Magdalene, Wilum offers primarily the Basilica of St Maximin where the relics of the Saint are.

For information, the site of the Conference of Bishops of France publishes the list of patron saints:


This helps you know which Saint wishes to address, according to its specificity.

Marseille – Paroisse de la Major : Assomption 2015


VENDREDI 14 : A 18H MESSE AUX ACCOULES avec la Communauté du Coeur de Jésus

A 17h à la Cathédrale grande procession prières à la Sainte Vierge, chant de l’Ave Maria par Antoine BONELLI. La procession traversera l’antique quartier du Panier. La statue de la Vierge dorée sera portée au milieu d’une marée humaine, rappelant ainsi la présence maternelle de la Madone dans nos vies.

Père Alain Ottonello

Wilum in french press “La Nef”

The french magazine “La Nef” published in its July – Aug issue an article on Wilum under the heading “We support.”
A big thank you to the “La Nef” editorial team for their trust !



Wilum V° 2.0

Version 2.0 of Wilum is online !

Key new features:

  • Presentation of the history of each place of worship partner, with many photos
  • Exact details of displaying the price of each candle, with the final distribution of the sum (amount for the Place of worship / amount for the operation of the site / VAT)
  • The new site is “mobile friendly”, it also works on tablets and smartphones
  • Integration of a world map showing the location of places of worship partners